Dare To Be Different

- follow Jesus

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We want to reach youth and young adults in Sweden with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A calling from God as we have known for some years now.


Contact with youth and young adults are established primarily through the hikes and camping activities where fellowship with one another, worship to our God, prayer and Bible study are important parts.


Our desire is for all people to know Jesus as their personal saviour / deliverer, that everyone should have the opportunity to be involved in a community group and grow in discipleship


We are a core team (Ctrl-Alt-Del) with the vision:

"A community where people can meet God,

make a fresh start in life and live Christ-like.”


Want to help us with this?

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The Community

A community is something every human being needs. In the meeting with other people we become. In a community, you will be noticed, loved and acknowledged. Along with other people, grow and develop as a person.

Dare To Be Different - follow Jesus is a community based on the community with each other and the belief in the holy trinity. God - the creator; Jesus - the saviour; Holy Spirit - the Comforter.


We stand on three legs: Camp & Hike activities; Community Groups; Worship & Prayer.

Together they hold the biblical principle of Bible reading, prayer, breaking of bread and brotherhood & sisterhood. Here you get to breathe in life, loving relationships and a community for life.




  • Equal value
  • Acceptance & Respect for people's different origins
  • Acceptance & Respect for people's diverse abilities
  • Participation
  • The belief that all people need Jesus
  • Everyone's right to a place in a christian community
  • The golden rule
  • Drug-free environment
  • Loving attitude




Veronica Andersson


Andreas Lutmark


We are on Facebook

We are a part of the worldwide “The United Methodist Church”



Sunday 23 november

Worshipmeeting with baptism

15.00 Starts in Bergskyrkan in Laxå

(using their grave for baptism) and continues in The Methodist Church in Laxå


Sunday 21 december

16.00 Christmas Worshipping

(Want to contribute with a christmassong or music? Please contact Veronica!)

The Methodist Church in Laxå


Sunday 25 januari

12.00-17.00 Winterparty for all ages

Get together: eating, playing, worshipping...

Notification no later than 19/1 to Veronica. Fee 50 Skr.

The Methodist Church in Laxå



Please dive in !




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